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A Poem Inspired by Color

(Not my image. Free image from Canva.)

I only had eyes

for red dresses,

with cloth like

satin sheets—

the ones tangled up

in you and me.

Our red—

a red that

flows like lava,

a dangerous beauty

that only suffocates,



Our red was

blood spilled on

a battlefield—

a thousand causalities.

We left a trail

of hearts broken like

stained glass:

all I could see

was red.

My red dress had a train

and a slit

up the side.

I was a bright siren,

in the fog of rain.

You offered me a rose,

and I pricked my finger.

Red, dripping

from my skin.

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Gabby Cushman
Gabby Cushman

I am a writing student at Michigan State University, and creative writing has always been my passion. I mainly write poetry and fiction, but dabble in creative nonfiction and essays as well. Thank you for checking out my work!

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