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Dedicated to Monica

Tree Root Photographed by C.Alphenia

It's weird to not recognize yourself

But to

know yourself

The view shifted

I'm at the very beginning

New and old at the same time

I see the millennia stretched out behind me

Or is it /Are they

In front?

What is up/down/back/forward

For I am everywhere 

Round & Sleek

Spiky & Broad

Lush & Barren 

Seeking, Finding, Learning, Growing

I cannot be contained

Oh! How they have tried!

I tried.


Gift & Curse. Curse & Gift.

Pulsing & extending into the abyss

Beyond this realm & into the 


the next, next


and changed

Nurtured. Supported.

Even when truth vision was seemingly obscured 

The grace and benevolent compassion that encompasses and embraces 

the inner, the outer.

Near, far, far & closer


As the expansion, the spiral hastens its dance

And all the while I stand poised in that mirror waiting for the reflection to once again be familiar

I see you too on my journey's left & right

Rising. We witness each other's emergence from the chrysalis

smiling on our way out of 

the Illusion.

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