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Rebel with a Cause

I don't need your validation.

Why do you think you have a say

In the different ways I wish to go about my day?

Who told you you had a say

In what I should and shouldn't keep at bay?

Tell me why you feel you know more

About the essence dwelling in my core

About certain things uncalled for

About how you just might be the fit mentor

Fuck society, I am my own entity

Trying to understand the entirety of my identity

But you weigh me down with the intensity of your hostility

All I ask for is to enjoy the extremity of my serenity

You cast me away 'cause you judge based on our little disparities

Instead of bonding and sharing on the basis of our surfeit similarities

You neglect the fact that acceptance is a necessity for humanity

Henceforth, I won't give an iota of f**k about your approval, in all sincerity

I don't need your validation

I don't want your recommendation

I don't have to change, I don't want any modification

I don't care about the findings of your observation

You bring your inhumane clauses and laws

I'm just living my life but all of a sudden you pause

Stare at me with all your problems as if I were the cause

I don't care anymore for I am a rebel with a cause

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Rebel with a Cause
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