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A Poem About Reality

I really had to make my way

To a place long lost before

A place west of this mist

And not long will I make the kiss

I'd give a dozen logs to pass

My route down the lonely road

As I sway my kind soul

And my mind sick

For a sour thumb and lips

But without censor or meter

For that fact

Upon your tracks as you creep

In me

On me

For me to see

Once upon a road

I did not trust

What I was about to get to see

A meaningless life of nothing to be

But I can't constitute that

For you do not let me

Consecrate that floor

The hardwood

Ha the carpet of my folky

Folly forsaken my lord

For a minute of the oh so divine crime

Haunt my mortality for my immortal soul

This begins the journey

To the never world

Where I think I am in

Without money

Without time

But with all the time to be ignorant

And a little more to be free

Yet I'm stuck in eternity in a lie

So set your spirit free

Really let it free

Let it and you will feel really good


Really happy forever

And eternally blissful real

Really chase the lions

Chase the grapes and cut the vine

Really all the time is sweet

All the time you speak

No more pity

I promise this is really reality

Really astronaut Doctor this is a real nice time to be really alive or dead because either way...

It’s a really real place.

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