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Real Bitch vs. Fake Bitch

Go eff yourself.

It pisses me off to know you think you're better than me

you think you know me, but I know it's plain to see

you're a fake bitch who wishes they could be a real bitch like me

you wish you had the balls to say what I have to say

to make you go away

But instead you're a fake bitch who would never say

what a real bitch would say



You fake bitch

suck my dick

eat my dust

I can't stand you

instead you're standing in front of me acting all kind and nice

as if you're interested in know my kind of life

very quickly I realize it's written all over your face

or maybe it's that feeling way down in that place

in my soul that reminds me you're a lying troll

that pretends to care but really doesn't care about anyone that doesn't look like her


and your botox ridden face

and your lip injections

and liposuctions and breast augmentations

I got real tits!

I don't have to pretend to like you just because

you pretend to like me

You make me sick inside I wanna puke

but I don't until you leave and then I do

I puke these words all over you

that's what a real bitch would do

a real bitch like me not a fake bitch like you

you wish you were a real bitch like me

instead you're a fake bitch that's true

your fake kindness can't make me

dress like you

talk like you

be like you

all it makes me want to do is tell you to


gosh please leave me alone

your fake way of being really makes me uncomfortable

and longing for more intelligence

Did you think I was too stupid to notice

you're a stupid crack whore

who talks too much

and thinks she can lure

my lover into her bed

HAA! that's the funniest thing

you've ever said

Oh please let me be first

to tell him of your longing thirst

and watch the puke come bursting out

of his mouth and nose

and see him taken away in a hearse

cuz he died laughing after being told the worst

It would be worth it just to see him tell you to


knock knock... who's there?


what time is it?

it's time to


you make me want to stay enclosed in my home

afraid to come out to be exposed

to the harassment you throw

in my direction, it's so

annoying how you go around

destroying while you claim you're not

employing me

don't try to avoid me

I don't owe you nothing but money

and money ain't shit



in fact it is you that owes me money

for coming over unannounced

for shorting me on that last ounce

for lying when I said I could count

on you to help me and my spouse

I know it may seem harsh to say

but I don't care anymore

you've pissed me off that way

and the real bitch is coming out

and I can't make her go away

she's bugging me even she says

why are you putting up with this discrimination

of your age and your weight

and your looks and your date

why aren't you telling these people to


I say I am, they just won't do it

they think I am trying to kill them

or maim them or steal from them

they don't realize I am just trying to tell them to


they're so sweet they give me a cavity

That's because they're a fake bitch

not a real bitch like me

we've had enough of this haven't we!

then just tell them to


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Real Bitch vs. Fake Bitch
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