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Read Between the Lies

Who are you?

What defines you? Is it a nice suit?

Is it what you do or your music on iTunes?

Is your foundation based on the foundation on your face?

And when that's all stripped away ask yourself:

Who are you?

See we dress to impress, but we're constantly changing

Stressing that our friends will reject us cause we're strange

So we look to our role models leading their roles on stage

But... most of them don't even seem to know the way

The Magazines are loaded with models with no flaws

And if you read between the lines you will see that they are flawed

They got you thinking in the mirror who's the fairest of them all

But comparing yourself to them really isn't fair at all

And the tele... It tries to sell us a vision that ain't true

Telling you to be this or that when you're You

The TV screen screams at me:

"Re-do!! Look! Here's the new you"

But that's all just photoshop... and no shop could ever sell you

Let me introduce a friend, her name is value

She never speaks lies she only tells the truth

Tells me I'm worth more than what I wear or what I eat

Cause those things run out... but she told me she'll never leave

Tells me no diet or detox can refine me

No new look or Nike shoes can define me

See Jack Wills tries to, but that's when she reminds me

I'm made unique, that's what defines me

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Read Between the Lies
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