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Reaching for Heaven

Your soul realize the beauty within the earth and all you've conquered.

Everyday I sit on the hill,

watching the sun go down.

Different shades of beauty 

mingle together before my eyes.

I watch as I imagine myself,

dancing through the ocean of colors.

Soar high among the hidden stars

in the galaxy.

Beyond the atmosphere,

we flow through the currents

of light and science.

There are no limits

to what you can do.

We go together as one,

leaning and encouraging one another.

Heading back down,

on the flight to humanity.

We began to notice the moon has come,

to wrap us into a slumber.

Tears begin to flow into a river of joy.

I alone have conquered battles,

now my eyes have seen my treasure,

that will stand for all time.

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Reaching for Heaven
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