Reach for the Stars

The Sky is the Limit

Just like every other soul, there's a plan for me.

A plan for greatness, a plan to succeed...

an idea to conquer every goal that you see.

Yes failure is a must, because then you can teach,

how every hand held up has a star in reach.

This life is a game that every human must play...

to not win or lose, but to learn day by day...

Every situation is a lesson... nothing is by mistake.

A dream is so much bigger,

than when you lay down to sleep.

A goal is so much more, than just scoring with a team 

We're built to win! Strive for greatness and reach for the stars...

the sky is the limit, and your star isn't too far.

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Jay Briggs
Jay Briggs

Hello world ! I'm a cool young guy living in Vero Beach, FL ! Writing poetry has always been my thing ! Recording and writing music also falls in one of my talents ! ;-) There's a lot more about me but for now we'll just leave it at that :)

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Reach for the Stars
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