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Raver’s Delight

The Essence of P.L.U.R

Ravers unite with love and delight

We dance and we trip and we live to excite!

Savor the flavor of a raver in flight

Our energy thrives like the wind to a kite.

With the moon in our eyes and the sun our heart,

Whole galaxies could never keep us apart.

We're riding a wavelength of music and zen,

Just follow the rhythm down to the play pen.

Absorbed in a mindset so pure and true

Surrounded by red and green and blue

Drawn in by our pleasures and freed by our feet

Moving righteously to every beat!

Surrender to instinct, let peace take place

And chase the frequency to outer space!

From a world of worry, we're all set free

PLUR for them and you and me!

We'll never give in, let's dance til we die,

Rage til your spirit lights up the sky!

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Raver’s Delight
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