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Rare Breed

Part 1

I am, without doubt, a rare breed

My soul deviated when he shot his seed

Twisted, depraved, and deranged I should've been

Ejected lost into this world, birthed to perpetuate sin

Abandoned rejected unworthy from day one

Unloved unwanted, what had she done

Lonely alone, self's best friend

From the beginning ready for the end

Betrayed discarded disappointed at every turn

Knowing not to trust, too hopeful to learn

Odds stacked against every step of the way

So angry, everyone must pay

Year after year pain heaped on

Until finally in retrospection light did dawn

All the trials that were designed to break

Worked in my favor, all for my sake

Where life set out to bring me down

My spirit arose, my strength did abound

So much hurt, ache, and pain

The shame that nearly drove me insane

All brought me to the point of my phoenix rising

Seeing what I found in me oh so surprising

Amazed to learn that my disgrace

Worked against itself becoming my saving grace

Strength, character, morals all the stronger

The length of my patience growing longer

I admit I'm bent but thankfully never broken

On soul wrenching despair I'm no longer choking

Although I still have my tears to cry

Surviving my struggles, I can hold my head high

My former own worst enemy

I've now found a way to say, "Hm, I like me"

Honest enough to realize my flaws

Mature enough before I react I pause

Against all expectations, I am not destroyed

No longer living in that deep black void

Fighting my way through, I have overcome indeed

And have grown into a beautiful rare breed

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Rare Breed
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