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Random Hell

Bipolar on a Bad Day

The pain cripples me

I can’t breathe

Every breath hurts

My heart is going to burst

It is heavy and empty at the same time

I can’t cry

I am full to bursting with uncried tears

If they fell it might ease the pain

The sadness may dissolve

But my eyes remain dry

The black cloud surrounds me

It is heavy and consuming

Everything looks black

Every thought is dark

Every emotion is negative

Time is endless

Every moment is hell

And takes forever

Painful slow motion

I can’t take any more

I need it to stop

I need to get off this never-ending road

I need it end! 

Jane Smith
Jane Smith

I write my feelings, my secrets, my distress and my desires.  All my stories are true. I have bipolar disorder so my life is like a thousand lives in one. Writing is therapy for me. I hope you enjoy my stories and poetry.

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Random Hell
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