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Raise Your Voice

A Poem I Wrote in High School

I find most of my pictures on the Internet

A voice, a call, a life

Whispering wanting to be heard

Don’t deny it

Please don’t hide it

It’s been silent far too long

When troubles make you self-destructive

Raise your voice in a call for help

When you can’t see the light of day

Raise your voice and someone will be there

If you muffle or silence a voice calling out for help

Everything will remain the way it is

Your life will still be painful

Your words remain unspoken

Your life could near its end

Raise your voice if you want to be heard

Raise your voice if you wish for change

Raise your voice and you will be helped

Raise your voice and your life will change

From that first step towards the light

The first time you feel okay

The first day you don’t meet that darkness

Each time something changes it starts a chain reaction

Another situation solved

Another life saved

Another person facing what they’d rather leave behind

Raise your voice and you will be heard

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Raise Your Voice
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