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Raining Light

I do.

Through the darkness came the light

Only through pain could she feel the truth

That life is nothing more than what she makes it

Never did she imagine ending up here

Was it truly meant to be?

Predestined, planned, orchestrated?

But why she asks, why me?

Why not you he answered

Lose control 

Lose fear

Lose judgement 

Lose pain

Gain love

Gain acceptance 

Gain light

Gain yourself

You were never lost he said

Just brought down a different path then you imagined

Now you can see the light

The raining light pouring into your soul

For you are renewed and reborn

Into something greater than you ever imagined

So never lose sight for you are never alone

May all your dreams come true

But first, you have to believe

And finally she said

I do.

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Raining Light
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