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Radical Ecstasy

Dreaming of Connection

It woke me up from sleeping;

Body shaking and mind keeping

Track of pulses beating wild.

Then I realized the shaking

And wild dance of life was taking

Place only on the inside.

Each cell within me screaming

To stop this tumultuous dreaming

And sleep, unmindful, again.

But all around me's teaming

With constant energy streaming

From that one creative source.

The source was the Chaos when

The Cosmos started swirling and

Whirling with that first wild dance

All we cannot know; yet need.

Ironic hunger and feed

For us: in, around, and through.

I sat straight up in the night:

Awed, informed, enthused, a fright,

That the source and I were one.

Fifteen billion years stand stout;

Breathe deep with me, in and out;

Conspiring with each atom

Radical Ecstasy beat

In me! Humble me now and treat

me to communion with all.

Vibrate like the plants and flowers,

Oblivious to years and hours.

Is, and was, and always will be.

Like rocks and trees vibrating,

And rapidly titillating

Each other in this Cosmic Dance.

Resonate like each human,

mammal, fish, bird and insect; and

Scream in the vast stillness of space.

Speak thoughts to me like Shakespeare;

Music as to Beethoven's ear,

Beat wild and freely now with me.

My order, form, and beauty,

Fear, hope, passion, love, and duty,

Chaos, death, and pestilence.

My water, fire, air, and earth,

Like planet's old or newly birthed.

What is at all, Be all in me.

Radical Ecstasy, beat

In me and let me feel the seat

Of life and death. One with you!

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Norm Crouse
Norm Crouse

Norm is a songwriter whose lyrics tend to tell an emotional story. His diverse musical influences range from Big Band, Folk-Rock, Pop, and Rock n Roll. That diversity creates a broad and rich collection of songs

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Radical Ecstasy
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