Kyli Settles
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Rabbit Hole

Welcome, Friends

Rabbit Hole

I'm in a hole

Somewhere dark and damp

I feel everything

Even deeper

Down here

Some sort of tragic despair

That no one can hear




It takes like copper

The same as my blood

The same blood that is dripping

From my thighs

My tear flooded eyes

My swollen veins

But you'll never understand

What goes on in my mind

My wonderland

Of darkness

I'm the fucked up


Lesser than a princess

Because who would dare

Make me royalty?

I'm an embarrassment

To everyone

I hide in my room

As soon as I can

I have no energy

And it's just too much

To speak to anyone

Few will listen

Even fewer will understand

I'm being punished

By my own hand

My heart isn't ice

I feel too much pain

To keep making that claim

But you think I'm nice

No one knows just how

Talented I am at hiding

My soul is black

Faded into the abyss

I'm the angel of death

With just a single kiss

I'll drag you to my hell

In total and utter darkness

All while faking a smile

And saying "welcome, friends"..

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Rabbit Hole
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