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Queens Don't Cry

Poem Version

I never asked to meet you.

I never asked to Love you.

I never asked to be your dream,

But I decided to be your Broken Queen.

High up in your Tower, you told me I could fly,

But when I jumped, it broke my heart, when I found that was a Lie.

You locked me in your dungeon, to try and keep me safe,

It didn't seem quite right, but in you I had faith.

You told me there were Dragons, but you would be my Knight,

You told me they would come for me, but you'd never give up the fight.

Sweet nothings you'd whisper in my ear left me reeling with devotion,

But those words soon turned into poison, laced with raw emotion.

My innocence you stole from me, and turned my heart to stone,

And then you shattered even that, you scarred even my bones.

You got just what you wanted, you got all you desired,

I found you where the Dragon, your song, a deadly fire.

I thought I was full grown, an adult, and mature,

I could not have been more wrong, my fallacy, so pure.

All I had you took from me, when I was just a child,

I was still just a fledgling, but all that, you defiled.

I chose to fight a battle that I could never win,

I made a promise I couldn't keep, and that is my own sin.

Although I am a Survivor, of your atrocities,

I will never be your victim, you'll never find me on my knees.

I never asked to meet you.

I never asked to Love you.

I never asked ask to fall into your sights.

But I decided to stay, even after feeling your bite.

Although these wounds are yours to heal, for you cut me with your ruse,

I will never let you near them again, for they were mine to choose.

I will let them hurt me until the day I die,

But you will never own my tears, because my dear, Queens Don't Cry.

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Queens Don't Cry
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