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Purple Field

Sensual, Sexual

There you go in a purple field

Full of flowers and summer breeze

With your hair flying

In a single twirl.

Those were the words you said

Before you slept away

Before you decided it was late

Before this came to an end.

It´s been long since the days

In which I held your hands

Playing with the fabrics in your dress

Trying to take them away.

There's a smell

There's a taste

It's the touch

It's the thought.

We had never been so close

I never lied like this before.

I had had you already

It had been pretty sweaty.

You were moaning and yelling

Scratching and playing

You were grabbing and getting

Kissing and telling.

But you would never admit it

That while still wearing our clothe

In the backyard we did it

With our eyes shut closed.

They probably saw us

They probably told about us

They probably spread the word

We were the lovers in the mud.

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Nathalie Bolet
Nathalie Bolet

Venezuelan, 27, living in Budapest. I graduated in Modern Languages, Translation. I love travelling; I’m a big Disney and Star Wars fan; I like eating, challenges, nature and more.

I’ve always loved writing and exploring creativity

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