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An Old Poem of Mine

Check out Annie Geddes on Insta - She's an amazing artist/Photographer on the rise!

Pack up your suitcase;

It's time now to fly.

If you're willing and ready,

I'm ready to die.

My mind has been bombed,

Yet the Earth is unscathed.

I forgot how to be:

High, mighty and brave.

Look down from the window;

You'll see all we are.

How far we have come,

Just to travel this far.

All my empty dreams,

Are bursting at the seams.

I don't want to be good or pure or clean.

All our wasted youth-

There's pudding in this proof.

Someday we'll have to look for truth.


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Andy Maudling
Andy Maudling

I write a blog called Written Word on Wordpress - which I mainly publish poetry. I struggle/cope day to day with severe mental health issues & generally love to write and discuss.

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