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Pu***y Power

Strength, Power

I wasn't made to be a singer I wasn't made to rap I was made to write the truth and expose the facts I was supposed to be a poet who knew the words before she wrote it and I may fall flat and land on my back or I might be great and fucc who say I ain't see word have a power that people don't understand how they can influence the world and change the thoughts of any man how we as women have the the might to knock down towers and every man falls short at the hands of pussy power and I see myself I guess as a triple threat I have brains beauty and a cute little butt no I have brains beauty and the will to say enough is enough. I wasn't made to be a joke or a mouth that never spoke i have conformed to this life to one day be called his wife to be compliant and just wait to give him head and make his plate to be submissive and hear his lies no matter how many tears drown my eyes to suck it up and work it out but if the roles were to change you'd see would walk out. To be his bottom bitch no matter the cost to be so supportive no matter what's lost and that's fine but tell me when is my time to make mistakes and change the lines to tell a lie and never wonder why. Why she stays

Why is she loyal

Why does she listen to the lies I tell

Why isn;t she smart enough to run like hell

It's love my brother but enough is enough I tried to stick it out but it got to tough all the hoes and rumors you couldn't keep a secret is the main fucking reason I see myself leaving and if you really wanna know why I had to go... it's cause I was done being played like just another hoe. 

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Pu***y Power
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