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Proper Ethics

What is your view of morality in business?

Confetti shredders

Destroyed the papers.

In a frantic pace,

The CEO and

His team rid themselves

Of the evidence.

It was too late, though.

The authorities

Had stormed the door and

Issued warnings and

Statements for them all

To interlock their

Fingers and get down

On the ground. This stemmed

From the days that each

Executive learned

In business school where

The teacher just said,

“Don’t end up on the

Front page for wrong things.”

Their professors failed

To explain proper

Ethics and now cold

Metal bracelets wrapped

Around their wrists. Would

You call them selfish?

Would you call it greed?

Self-destruction and

Selflessness played roles

In the downfall of 

These former bankers.

They will be relieved

In prison as they

Won’t have to lie to

Their families, now.

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Proper Ethics
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