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A Poem

I think I can take it

I've been training

So I'm prepared

And here I am like I don't care

First position

I'm in the wrong

I'm in the right

I'm in the middle, I put up a fight

I start to panic

My mind acts like a magnet

Fixated on attachment

I act all big like no big deal

But then I remember this is really real

First position

I start to forget who I am

I start to forget who I've been

I start to obsess

I can't let go, I can't put matters to rest

I think I can take it

I think I could fake it

to prove how strong I really am

But I'm backed back into the corner

Manifesting into disorder

It's growing bigger than me

First position

I try to stop it

I try to block it out

First position

I looked outside in the wintertime

When I noticed the trees

They look so frail

without their leaves

Kind of like me

When I just want to feel better

Like when randomly warm weather

airs out a cold day in December

They keep me sheltered

They weigh me down so thin

As if I've only got weeks to live

As if I'm that fragile

Like it's that much of a battle

Maybe that's why I'm miserable


So while I wait for myself to thicken

First position

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