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Promises of Adventure

For Maggie

Can I offer you all the stars and skies

Or give to you anything on that scale

What if I could catch for you the sunrise

To do so we must both form our own trail

We must go against the ways of the wise

Together, through all, our will to prevail

Also, all of the others would advise

That anything may kill and make us wail

Then all the chaos will make us capsize

But we both can always run, raise the sail

And against monstrous waves we shall arise

Writing and crafting our own epic tale

It feels as though we must cut all our ties

Let’s just step back and both deeply exhale

A journey filled with misery, demise

Our ending covered with a hazy veil

Everything is more clear though, with your eyes

But one question, what if I were to fail

No, your beauty, is my own coat of mail

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Promises of Adventure
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