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Bondages of Fear

There’s a voice prodding me to awaken from the darkness. I’m no longer wanting to be the lost little girl any more. Exploring the roads that were once considered too dangerous to cross. Not being held back by the bondages of the fears of others. The innocence that people once seen in me no longer exists, yet they wish it still remained. Captivated by a light that no one wanted me to see shine. The chains of the past have been cast away to never return. Seeing the fear in the eyes of others from me turning into the beautiful creature I’m becoming. The many mountains that I was told that I could not defeat have become mere ant hills. I’ve seen things that some consider unfathomable, and that I’m considered too young to even have witnessed. I refuse to be called the monster people are condemning me of being. The light that is shining within me is becoming too much for those who don’t want me to rise above them. The demons in my life have shown me a world that is up to me to either fight for or shut down. I’m afraid to let my guard down because I have been hurt too many times. The shackles that use to tie me down are nothing more than a distant memory. I’ve experienced a rapture that isn’t confined to a spiritual realm. The cage is not the confine that can hold me any longer. I’m not a possession that’s controlled by those who have failed to move beyond their own bondages of fear.

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