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Opening Up...

The past won’t anchor me I will live out my dreams.

My hopes will blossom into blessings, believe in me.

Who will be walking with me? I wonder who will be by my side.

I’m trying to build a love that won’t fall apart, where’s my special lady.

I’m tired of hurting and I’ve learned so much over the years.

No more games for me, if you want me don’t let your heart be discrete.

Speak your mind as I do open to me, I’m shining a light no room for secrets to hide.

Open heart open mind let’s build a love to stand the test of time.

Bring me your love my hearts been dying for you.

I know I still have a lot of room left for growth, my sensible hearts learning what makes a man.

We’ve all made mistakes but we’re correcting our past.

My mind moves with haste when I see potential and I can’t wait to chase.

But I’m learning to take things slow, the goals for love to last.

My heart it speaks to me contingent of all my needs, searching for love through the mysterious.

I’m no longer ignoring my own beat, I hear my heart singing so clearly.

Love's such a puzzle it needs to be built piece by piece.

There's a bigger picture waiting to be seen I’m anticipating the masterpiece proceeding

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Darrell General II
Darrell General II

I enjoyed reading and writing as an adolescent, but I found myself astray from my passion as I grew older attempting to appease others and be amongst social groups I had no place. I'm getting reacquainted with my roots; times are changing.

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