Kyleigh Baltz
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Problems of This World

Part 1: Poem collection

Identity Crisis

I'm falling, slowly but surely. 

Dead people are calling my name, saying

Enter into the kingdom of hell.

NOT YET, I say,

Today's not my day to die.

I won't.

Today I will get help and thrive,

You go away and leave me be!


Come along, let death take you,

Rest your head now, they say,

I resist still.

So it will continue,

I will live my life and find myself,

Soon, I hope.



Help, I'm alive

Heaven above, hell beneath,

Either one an option.

Long awaited to find which, but

Probably hell for me.


In my head,

Many voices won't shut up,


Always present.

Leaving me perplexed,

In a dazed state,

Very hopeless, just wanting it to

End. At last, I'm at peace.



Our Generation


Welcome to the world.

Welcome to our generation,

Where kids pretend to smile

And pretend to be happy.

When in reality,

They are broken,

Beat up, hurt, tired,

And they just want to die.

Welcome to our generation

Where kids cut themselves on purpose

As a way of coping and staying alive.

Where kids starve themselves just to be thin,

Or make themselves throw up

To give themselves an illusion of control.

They can’t control their life or what happens to them,

So they find something they can control.

They know that eventually it will kill them,

And surprisingly, they’re okay with that.

Welcome to our generation.


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Problems of This World
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