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Pretty Girls

A Poem

pretty girls don't cry because it ruins their makeup, pretty girls don't read books because they want your knowledge to hide your pretty because boys don't want knowledge they want pretty.

pretty girls have to walk a certain way. dress a certain way, talk a certain way and if they don't they are boring or not pretty enough and if they did oh God if they did then they deserved it, they were too pretty, or they were sluts.

Pretty girls don't feel the inside of their bodies screaming a warning when he walks up and says hi, they get lost in the kindness of his words and don't see the darkness in his eyes.

Pretty girls don't tell the truth because the truth makes them unwanted because no one wants anyone willing to tell the truth.

Yeah, the world loves pretty girls. pretty quiet girls, pretty skinny girls, pretty undressed girls, pretty willing girls, pretty drunk girls, pretty lost girls, pretty longing girls, pretty dead girls.

But what happens when we are no longer quiet, when we are no longer willing when we are no longer lost, when we are no longer longing for answers to questions that people want to make disappear?

when we are no longer longing for the acceptance that we are so desperate to find? What happens when we no longer hate each other, when we no longer hate ourselves and the bodies we are in and we are not just souls walking around with ghosts of who we used to be or how we want to be remembered? does that mean we are no longer pretty?

Being the world's kind of pretty comes at a cost and sometimes the price for that is our lives in more ways than one and we don't deserve that cost to be our lives, we don't deserve to be defined by a word that could cost us our lives.

being pretty, being called pretty yeah it's nice but so many bad things tell lies, so many bad people lie, so many secrets we have to hide just for that six-letter word. Who knew it could mean so much and cost so much for a girl to hear that word.

pretty girls don't lie, pretty girls it's ok to cry, pretty girls know your worth, it's ok to be hurt, it's ok to be strong. the world loves its kind of pretty girls but it's ok to not be that girl.


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Pretty Girls
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