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Pretty Baby/Bebe

A Poem for Bebe

Photo by Bastien Jaillot on Unsplash

Another Aquarius added to the collection

On the Fourth of February

Demanding ultimate love and protection, 

Despite arriving four months too early.

I had prayed for him to enter my life

And will pray for him until I die,

He wasted no time

And became the centre of our lives

Without a try.

This pretty baby with dark hair,

Pale skin and the darkest of eyes,

Is a warrior to some

A miracle to mum,

It has been eight years now

And he radiates warmth better than the sun.

Even when he cries or sulks,

Ten minutes later he delivers hugs in bulk,

Teaching me to forgive and smile

Without a trial

Even towards the oldest folks.

But pretty baby, I see myself in you.

We look alike, 

But it's as though I can read your mind too.

You may feel misunderstood and strange

In a house filled with characters of great range,

But give it some time and you will see

How much we all love you

And how great it is to be Bebe.

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Pretty Baby/Bebe
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