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President of the Greatest Country

Trump's Story Soon to Become History

Everything started with fire,

Fire directors, fire chiefs,

To make room for family and friends

To able to reach his endless greed.

President of the Greatest country,

Justifying, clarifying through tweets,

Making walls and creating jobs,

working hard but, tugged in bed at six

America wasn’t great,

But apparently now it is

That we have the greatest president

in the greatest country there is.

Lying for no apparent reason,

Listening to no opinions,

Fighting for all citizens rights,

Suing and accusing of treason.

The world’s greatest media is fake?

Because they understand more than he does

The facts are there Mr. President

And the witnesses, files and constitutional laws

Obama didn’t start Isis,

Global Warming isn’t fake,

You didn’t make the biggest tax cuts

And no, the country is not at stake

yeah, was not, because right now

Since you insulted north Korea,

Sent more troops to Afghanistan

And undid all peace plans

Maybe now it is at stake,

Outcome of dumb mistakes

So, let’s hope that when your term finishes

There is an America to make great again.

Andy Rosario
Andy Rosario

Call me "L.an.D"  Artist/a, Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Writer, Poet/a, Spanish/English speaker, from Dominican Republic, Live/Love California. LARS student. Please Donate for a bigger cause. Follow Instagram l.an.d.official.

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President of the Greatest Country
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