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Prayers for Her (Pt. 6)

Hide the joy way down in her heart.


Giver of joy, give her joy, 

your pleasure to ignite and employ. 

Like a bubbling brook that laughs, 

may her joy lead her down beautiful paths. 

Positive hearts are the best medicine, 

so give her this type of regimen. 

May this joy hide deep within her heart, 

so that through her, she feels such a jump start! 

Present to her grand visions of things that are yet to come, 

visions and dreams that yield rays of hope, like those of the sun.

Not only do I pray for visions for her, but that she would use them,

that they would each be like a precious, prized, gem. 

Let her hide the joy so deep within her heart, 

so that it truly fills her every part! 

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Jaden Bleu
Jaden Bleu

I acknowledge myself to be a hopeful romantic, full of thoughts and emotions which I fight with day after day. I am a husband, father, dreamer, and lover of the simple things of life. Life is indeed precious! 

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Prayers for Her (Pt. 6)
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