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Poetry Inspired by the Past and Present

Rip children from the harness. 

Their only love? restart it. 

Detain infants, persist, and leave nation parted. 


Rallies, lies, chants, marches. 

Nazis in our own streets with torches,

police forces;

Divorce with

candidates who oppress, remorseless! 

Their resources,

know what the source is?

It's from ancient pool entombed with the corpses:

Empires, ideas, courses. 



push the meager;


The whole verse

Of a people. 



A seeker

Of only those meek and beleaguered

Enough to think that the only need here is

More of less,

Fear, distress


"my color's best". 

A song you can't hear

Unless you've got ears

Tuned to it; the inference

Of a veneer. 

Say you shine much more clear...

Truth is: gaslight seared.

Your brain is botched,

The enemy, watch,

Is the one dividing us,

Fighting us,


Enemies of the human race stocked

In the back pocket

Of his little smock.

Knock, knock! 

It's 3 o'clock. 

Who could it be?

Surprise, it's a glock! 

Guess you never thought

Who you supported would lock

Up a person like you,

you're so similar and taught

The same things,

Raised the same ways

And faught

Shoulder to shoulder, same plot

Shared pain, 

Now your land is wrought. 

You're losing

Your sense of sanity, bruising, 

Your vote, your choosing

Is what has you detained

Your remains infusing

With nature's doing! 

It's a chorus, evil song

Sirens of lore don't dare long

To sing such a tune, or even hum along;

Leads to war and death comparative to none.

The divisive little wrongs

Misspeaks and oopsie ha’s

Led to the read through

Of people by a bomb. 

The cup

The world swore

To never, again, touch

Is refilled, distilled, sold by the bunch;

That ancient pool, fool, is now your lunch! 

This may not be you, but baby it's us! 

The whole world looks in terror and disgust

As the nation

That placed it-

Self as crutch

Knocks itself over and blames the world's touch! 

In a flash, in a rush,

History is hushed,

Laughter at equality, love, and trust. 



Get your guns. 

Literal hell to come, if none is done. 




Only comparative to a star in its creation! 

Destroy the foundation of all the work that hardened

men today wouldn't know where to have started. 

It's remarkable this nation darted

From naught to top,

Now planetary guardian. 

Now the warning of the founding fathers resonates;

Two parties,

Populism dominates. 


We're overdue to overtake. 

I'm sorry to

Jefferson rolling in his grave!

Washington would've beheaded the speaker!

Adams would be shooting from the podium, eager!

Franklin would deliver a roundhouse

With more force than

All the game he spouts

To the ladies 

in the [17]80’s 

from Paris to ya mamma's house!

No doubt,

the fathers are livid now.


Only solution

To this pollution

We've made in our institutions

That are

Swayed by foreign powers!

Now y'all it's their power hour.

Filling the vacuum with what devours

Whole cycles of life on this bitty tower!


Open, within, a little pearl:

Black world,

Devastated by what's curled

Up in the hands

Of who's behind the man

That let the world power fall

And be shocked of its sin!

At the drop of a pin

Civilizations end.

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Will Sheffield
Will Sheffield

Poet, pianist, performer, political enthusiast; always searching for the right profession to support my passions. Work hard, play harder; but don't forget to take notes about it along the way. 

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