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Point Blank

Poetry From a Broken Heart


His arm stretches out 

Placing it to my temple

My life flashes by

Wishing it wasn't so simple

The cold metal shocks and

burns my broken skin

He laughs in his throat

a sign he's about to begin

I close my eyes so

tears clear from my vision

Knowing he has always

completed his mission

They say your life will

flash before your eyes

It's true, I'm here to say, 

when you know of your demise 

I hope for more 

after this day

Will God stand before me

and ask me to stay

If I died and fell away

I don't know what I'd win

My life is dark and hateful

and filled with so much sin

I now send up my prayers 

As if it would all change

He pushes it closer now

Shooting at point blank range

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Aaren Murphy
Aaren Murphy

I am 24 year old mother and wife. I have always dreamed of becoming a writer and I work toward that goal every chance I get. I love writing short romances, poetry, fiction, and true personal life stories.

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Point Blank
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