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Poetry Remembers You

For You

Hands find the pen,

Writing honesty like calligraphy.

Thoughts orbit,

All I see is you.

Ink won’t forget,

Describing skin on skin.

In poetry,

You will stay forever.

Love letters torn,

Burned to ashes.

Songs shared,

They never sound the same.

My head hits the pillow,

Only seeing you in dreams.

Obsidian nights,

A jail cell of sadness.

Swing set lovers,

Going opposite ways.

Reaching for you,

Ending up with nothing.

Mirror body shattered,

Puzzle piece heart.

Pick myself up,

Broken but standing.

One step forward,

Feeling dragged back.

Tried forgetting,

The paper remembers you.

Story of us,

Now rests in poetry.

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Poetry Remembers You
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