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Poetry Is an Act: Part 1

Poems written as an action.

These poems were written by compiling the words I picked up and was able to jot down while watching Endless Poetry by Alejandro Jodorowsky. In the movie, they said that poetry is an act. These poems are written as an act - they come from an action, not a reaction.

thank you, Raja

the woman who loved doves

and fed lilies at night

dreamt every genius

yes everything seems beautiful

this place is magical

wake up, sir!

madam let's dance

let's go


this is where I live now…


"I’m going to bite you"

you want to see if I’ll sacrifice myself

you shit

fuck off

you shit

fuck you

don’t you like my devil?

you’re talented


go to bed

I’ll meet you tomorrow

go at midnight


let Nicanor Parra be your master

you shouldn’t be with vulgar nobodies

if you read The Viper farewell


you want to beat me up

I’ll do it for you

I’m much more than this

the one who inspired the poem



don’t explain your name

Alejandro, we shall never part again

we will during the day

I’ll rot

scathing the skin


I am still a virgin

we shall try everything

divine face descend from the mountain

you drink my saliva

sit down take off your shoes



the kingdom must not see his beloved naked

your coat

your skirt

your blouse

your camisole

my love roams the streets

I don’t know when she’ll return

will she be home for Easter?

or for trinity?


Come here


Everybody humiliates me

I wanted Jaime

my heart tells me this is all we have

now you will have to feed me

as Nicanor

petty burglary by moonlight



we were waiting to see you

yes mum

perform several crimes

several misdemeanours


“you’ve brought me nirvana

tell me

what is poetry to you?”

“luminous excrement. “

“you are my soul



“how much for a blowjob?”

“but I’m not a prostitute

I’m an artist

a poet”

“A poet?

like that fatty Neruda

why don’t you recite something?”

“I’ll improvise

where there are ears but no song

bow before the vengeful vagina!”


you hit me


let’s go

never again Stella



what a thought

to commit suicide in front of the architect

like a bird

like the entrails of the sea

you reached silence

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Poetry Is an Act: Part 1
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