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Poetry for the Brokenhearted

Everyone goes through it; it's normal but it definitely hurts.

Waiting for the sun to set is like waiting for you to come back. 


I remember laughing with you

Making unforgettable memories

Your smile was always a light through the dark

Keeping me away from harm 

But what good is it

If the harm was also you

A Past Lover

You were always so proud of me

You supported me

You loved me

You laughed with me 

You smiled with me

You grew angry of me

You hurt me 

You left me

You never came back


You whispered 

I love you 

I replied 

I don't want to get hurt again


I gave you my all

Out of everyone I ever loved 

I gave you my everything

Here I am standing and waiting 

For you to give your all

But it'll never happen 

Cause you were never looking in my direction

My Best Friend

Maybe one day I'll forget 

Forget how you hugged her in front of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Forget how you kissed her right in front of me 

Forget how you gave her a ring without telling me 

Forget how you treated her like a queen

Because you'll never do the same for me 

I'm just your best friend

I'm Tired

Tired of trying to get your attention

Tired of hoping you'll have the same feelings

Tired of dreaming of being with you 

Tired of watching you with other women

Tired of believing that one day you'll be mine

I'm just tired of it all

Waste of My Time and Energy

I was there when no one believed you

I was there when you felt lonely

I was there to wipe your tears away

I was there to make you smile

I was also there when you walked away from me

You didn't believe me

You left alone

You never wiped my tears away

You never made me smile 

I was never in your mind

Don't Just Look at a Woman's Body

You only saw her

You saw how long her beautiful hair was

Smelled her seductive perfume

You fell for her moves on the dance floor

How beautiful her body was

You only saw her outer appearance

That's why I left you

Better Days

Early morning you made me cry

Early afternoon I forgave you

Later afternoon you said you found someone new

Early evening you told me you never truly loved me 

Late evening you left me asking why

Hopefully there will be better days 

Nothing Special

It's not worth it

He cheated on you 

Even laughed at you

You were just a toy to him

Nothing new

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Chinecia Ferrer
Chinecia Ferrer

22 years old with an old soul 😂😂😂 Also not the best with grammar or writing overall, but hopefully you get the point 😂 Enjoy my creative work and also learn a little more about me. You'll read from blogs to life hacks or just life.

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Poetry for the Brokenhearted
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