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Poetic Passion

This new purpose drives me insane.

(I drew this in my book.) Sergio A. Ledezma 

Torn so wide and deep, that the artistic side of me is bleeding out in what I secretly conceived for so long.

So thick and dark my insides have become unknowingly.

Slowly pouring out with no end, these words of grief and sorrow.

The more I write the more it hurts, Yet I'm enjoying this dark sweet taste of mine.

The more I write my heart becomes heavier and heavier.

My own words are drowning me into an unending grief of my nightmares.

This new passion of mine has become my new addiction and comfort of my own burning for warmth.

Sergio A.
Sergio A.

I'm 24 and writing has became my form of therapy. I struggle speaking up or explaining in how I feel but writing it out is so much easier. I enjoy short poems and sonnets. Read away :)

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Poetic Passion
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