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By: Neven

A poet will never be taken by his words

He'll be seen as seeking attention

But what he is seeking is nothing he'd mention

Because he knows his metaphors create the Roughest tension

The poets lungs overflow with similes

And his in between his teeth are commas

and down in his stomach are the seas of lyrics.

Ones that heal the drama.

His mouth curves at the slightest rhyme

As he turns a paper into homicidal crime

He's the sneakiest at this

Creating a mess of black blood

Is something of bliss.

A writer isn't insane

Nor is he in pain

But know when you talk

He will take your wild words

And tame them in his name

A poet who is screaming in frustration

Is not a poet at all

A poet embraces his talent

He doesn’t force the words to fall 

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