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Poems on Auto Pilot

Poetry Made with Phone Text Suggestions

On the night of my 23rd birthday, I had a rather disturbing nightmare. I found it difficult to fall back asleep. In order to calm myself down, I started to mess around with the auto suggestions on my phone.

The phrases came out familiar and poetic. It revealed how often I expressed hopelessness, depression, and loss via texting as I did with my own poetry. The autopoems were vague, minimalistic expressions of self-deprivation and failure. I feel like this will be an interesting way to experiment with poetry and learn to take on a kind of modernist tone. 


I’m just an idiot I just hope that I will do not a bad thing but I’m still not sure how I am doing this again


I just hope he doesn’t get the job done for the rest of his life


Yeah that’s why you can’t even get it off the game and then you can play with multiple players on the wifi connection


I hope you can find me and my friends with me


Yeah that’s fine but I guess I’ll just give up on you


Do it for me. Do it for you. Do it for the rest of the night or something like that


Can you tell if I’m not a fan or not even with the game I just don’t know how much it takes me

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Poems on Auto Pilot
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