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Poem: Being 20something

Highlighting the Highs and Lows of 20

Should i stay? Should i go

Will anyone notice either way

So many highs so many lows

Am i in this alone?

Lately i've been conflicted

If the subtitle didn't already show

It's so hard to feel gifted

In a world full of much and more

Am i special? am i more of the same?

Am i cool? am i lame?

Does it matter? am i time?

Am i lost? something to find.

Well i've found a less scary way to think

One with somewhat a spiritual link

This life is mine and it's what i make it

It's a hand held out, and i'm going to shake

Smell the roses

Strike those poses

Hear those noises

Raise those voices

Cause even though this life is confusing

It's the only one we have and it's worth fully using

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Poem: Being 20something
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