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Gun Violence:

Poem About Gun Violence:

After seeing Shawn get downed in the streets

I vowed revenge on the one responsible

I couldn’t cry

And I couldn’t snitch

Those are just the rules of the streets

So I had to man up

I grabbed Shawn’s gun myself

Ready to avenge my brother

15 bullets inside

Each one a different emotion inside of me

Anger and fear, combining inside, waiting to be freed

As I enter the elevator thoughts billowed inside my brain

Making me ask myself “Should I do this?”

And “Is this right to do?”

And most importantly…

“Is this what Shawn would want me to do?”

And I don’t know...

Shawn not being here is just unspeakable pain

I enter the elevator, skeptical of what I’m getting myself into

As the elevator drops, an apparition talks to me

Talks about his past, and makes me question my motives

Each floor, a new ghost appears, more convincing than the last

More stories, more experiences, connecting to me

Before I got to the lobby I began to question my rumination of revenge

I began to let my wrath cease to nothingness

I began to ponder upon more questions

I ask myself...

“What have I actually learned from these ‘ghosts’?”

“Am I just another boy on the block, with the same fate as my brother?”

Lastly and most importantly...

“What is my destiny?”

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