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Poem 1: A Heart-Wrenching Poem About the Drowning Sorrow of Dealing with Heartbreak

A poem that describes the turbulent complexities of dealing with a broken heart and how the broken hearted will see the source of their feelings everywhere they look and in everything they do.


You. The Oceans of my eyes flood as reflections of you swim into me. I reflect on You. I see my clothes in my reflection after I put my navy blue cardigan on, knot my shoelaces and try to head out but realize that I'm still anchored to the memory of you.

You. The only sailor on the ship I once rode on and with whom I travelled far to prove the strength of our ship. Our relationship. 

You. With whom I watched the moon wax and wane like the tides of the ocean it pulls in and capriciously drops the next morning.

Not knowing that I was the ocean & you the moon.

You. You had the gravity that drew me in at night and made me rise and swell bringing me closer and closer to the darkness in my sky that only your bald white face lit.
You. You.

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Poem 1: A Heart-Wrenching Poem About the Drowning Sorrow of Dealing with Heartbreak
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