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Pocket Hole

There are two sides.

They say that a coin has two sides

But it's more like top and bottom

One side has your head so high

The other makes you feel rotten

Let me explain...

The dollar's a curse and a blessing in one

The ballers are hurt when the Henny is gone

The poorer are hurt when their bellies are numb

The horror that bursts when money is wrong

But money IS wrong, or is it us?

It's just a method we think we trust

Now it's digital, fictional stuff

If only poverty could be such

As I eat my food, another is starving

Why do some blow money like it's nothing

Why some pay hoes while some can't pay parking

Why do some donate when they too have nothing

Greed is the word, we let it control

Our minds, bodies, souls, we let it keep hold

Tight grips on egos, currency is bold

United us all but threw us in a hole

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Pocket Hole
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