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Pixelated Window/Scattering the Black Walls

A Poem Reflecting My Own Experiences With Depression, Heightened by Social Media





I reach out into the screen's static,

yearning for a taste of the rotten honey lives of their

infinite soap operas. 

A desolate room brimming with emptiness,

heavy in fierce fragility,

the gloom swallowing the screen 

that swallows my stare. 

A black, inescapable kingdom

of a lonely queen - a prisoner, free

in the hurricane arms of a world that won't pause to consider 

this small being. 




Succeeding in a never-ending reality show and I'm


watching from the shadows of a desolate room brimming with emptiness,

yearning to pull the plug and watch as their faces flicker to oblivion

and surrender to the customary comfort of shadows

as I surrender

to oblivion.

But hands

reach past a web of escapisms and lies and Instagram likes

and open a curtain.

And behind the glass is the promise of their open palms,

waiting for me to step over the threshold

into a world of welcome. 

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Megan Angharad
Megan Angharad

I'm a 19 year old Welsh university student who loves writing about her passions: Wales, poetry, books, creative writing and music amongst other things. I hope that you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it. 

Cymru am byth!

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Pixelated Window/Scattering the Black Walls
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