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Perhaps You Are Enough...

Perhaps someone will look at your scars of your past as an array of stars, finding alignment with theirs.

“Perhaps, someone will look at your scars of your past, as an array of stars, finding alignment with theirs.

Perhaps, someone will see your rough waters as a never ending vast ocean that expands beyond the boundaries of your skin.

Perhaps, you will both look at each other with sober veins getting drunk off of each other’s intellectual lips, moving, dancing to the rhythm of this show called life.

Perhaps, you are enough…

Perhaps, they have been searching for your rich intoxicating writings, fonts, and soft cover. They do not know your title yet, but once they see you, they will know you will change their life forever.

Perhaps, more than the sun glimmering in your eyes, will they see the ancient chanting, that echoes through the iris of your ancestors.

Perhaps, their inner child and your inner child will light a spark while playing. Shredding the silk that created a safety web, as they smile knowing the fireworks will be exhibited to the audience of ash.

Perhaps, again, you are enough…”

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Perhaps You Are Enough...
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