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Perhaps Perfect

Pondering & Self-Reflection

After years of searching, yearning, watching, studying, learning, 

Gathering, analyzing, conceptualizing, implementing, and materializing 

I come to the state of comprehension and awareness that speaks a familiar truth, loudly to my soul. 

This understanding and awakening moves me to emotion, offering me a sense of urgency without quenching my need for more information. 

Because I am that I am, I may always yearn for more information. I may always feel incomplete with a sense of purpose in this third dimension. 

It is a bittersweet reality. But perhaps this reality is exactly what it should be. 

If information is limitless just as time, then it is quite reasonable to accept as a truth that I 

As a creation or manifestation of divine, celestial energy and spirit, I have manifested and formed exactly how and when I should be 

Doing exactly what I should be. Perhaps I am perfect. Perhaps...

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Perhaps Perfect
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