Natalie Kuchinski
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Perfectly Imperfect

A Story Mentioning How People With Mental Health Issues Are Perfectly Imperfect

You Are Enough by Sleeping At Last. I recommend listening to it will reading this piece.

Sometimes we feel we are not enough.

But we are.

We are more than enough.

We wake up, every morning, fighting demons no one sees just to get through the day.

We grab our swords, bare our teeth, and slash at those demons, just to make them leave us alone.

Nobody else does that.

We are more than enough.


We take pills.

We talk to people who are designed to help us.

We may have breakdowns, but that's okay.

We are just getting rid of the demons who tear at our insides.


Sometimes life is really hard.

So very hard.

Sometimes we want it all to end.

But living here, breathing here is a lot better than not living and floating in a world we don't even know.


We feel insecure.

We feel too fat, too thin, too ugly, too stupid.

But we are not these things.

We are brave and courageous for making it this far.

Because nobody else could have made it this far.



That is a word, that describes bodybuilders, right?

It's not.

Strong is a word saying that we have made it this far, we can keep pushing, keep pushing our strength.

Because we will make it.

I promise.

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