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Perfectly Imperfect

My Life

Perfectly imperfect is exactly what I am. 

Love me or leave me but take me as I am. 

Beautifully broken but stronger than ever.

I wouldn't be where I am without this endeavor. 

Perfectly flawed but happy as can be. 

I will show the world beautiful me. 

The struggles and the heartache showed me my strength. 

Showed me I'm not the weakest link.

Once you see yourself for your perfect imperfections. 

Only then will you see your true reflection.

Love yourself for the good and the bad. 

Don't let the negativity make you mad. 

No one is perfectly perfect. 

Find the one who knows that you're worth it. 

Don't let the world break you down and steal your dreams. 

You alone can accomplish anything. 

No matter how broken and no matter how flawed. 

You will come out on top and hear them applaud. 

Don't beat yourself up for the things you can't do. 

Because the only one stopping you from doing it is you.

Don't hold yourself back in fear of failing. 

Don't give up or think of bailing. 

Keep pushing yourself until you succeed. 

Do it for you, make yourself believe.

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Perfectly Imperfect
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