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Peeling Back the Layers

This poem is about overcoming clutter.

Peeling back the layers of my soul.

So much I have held onto for years.

I am ripping the scab off my skin.

Letting new air in.

Discarding the blood and clutter of yesterday.

Clutter is a outward expression,

Of a inward struggle.

A fear so big,

It manifests in your surroundings.

It causes clutter to accumulate.

It's like drug addiction.

Only it's a addiction in your head.

A mindset you can't break.

An abnormal fear of running out of something.

A empty void inside your heart.

A hole that can only be filled with objects.

But these objects now own you.

They are in control.

They block the walls and windows.

Yet there is comfort in this madness.

An unexplained desire to accumulate.

I peeled back the layers of my soul.

Tragic events call this place home.

I am done letting them live here rent free.

Only I can rip this wound open.

Only I can teach myself how to heal.

Only I can let the old out and the new in.

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Peeling Back the Layers
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