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Peace Over All

Let Love Win

Let’s stop the violence.

Violence is winning

Bullets are killing

People keep fighting

Innocent families are crying

There is no end to this war

People are not safe behind their door

We see it all

We let it fall

It's time to stop the hate

Let the love spread and heal it's never too later

Stand together strong

Bad things will not last too long

Let's give the silent a voice

It's too hard to hear under all these gun's noise

One change can turn this world into a better place,

No more violence should be the case.

Let the good make its way to the top

Let the war between everyone finally stop

Do not play with the devil,

just put the gun away.

Save a bullet and let someone live another day.

Forgive our enemies

Let go of our hate

All our anger can determine someone fate.

There is bad and there is good

But not everyone the "good" understood

Now there is the thing that needs a fix,

Violence and guns aren't a good mix

Those two words might not seem like a big deal,

But look already how many lives everyday those two words steal.

Violence is this world's disease,

Instead of killing each other let's all love and come to peace.

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Peace Over All
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