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Passion Potion

Positive Mindset

photo by @joelfilip

Precious liquid is lifted to perfectly poised lips

Sipping down rivulets of red

Eyebrows arch as it spreads

Coating and caressing each taste bud's tip

Trickling down, tickling the back of the throat

Suddenly giggly and giddy with hope

Luscious liquid traveling down

Diving deep within each cell

Steadily spreading all around

My heart beating at a faster pace

As all the fear begins to dissipate

Leaving space for faith to take its place

Making my blood race as it retraces its roots of royalty

Roots of grace

Face wet with tears

As the pain is released

It leaks down the cheeks

In streaks of red


The mind is now free

No longer stuck in the head

No more heavy thoughts 

No more feeling lost

Finally got the golden mentality

Finally living, loving, learning


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Passion Potion
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