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Parent Imposters

Foster the child.

There's so much going on inside of my head,

Am I dead?

Living a lie,

Trying to survive.

I've grown to know

That's it's do or die,

I try,

But all I can ask myself is why.

I walk around in my own misery,

Asking a sadist to forgive me please.

On my knees, pulled to the ground

Because agony is an anchor.

Don't know why you're not around, 

Look down and watch me drown.

You threw me to the sea,

To figure out who I'd be.

Your cold,

Your heart's growing mold

Cause you kill life with your touch,

Rotting and such.

I despise your face, oh wait it's a mask,

Don't bother looking at my casket.

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Parent Imposters
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